L'architecte Rudy Ricciotti



“This project consists of accepting: accepting the block, its shape, its somewhat alienating military geometry, its history.” 
- Rudy Ricciotti

Nicknamed the “pirate of architecture”, Rudy Ricciotti combines creative power with genuine construction craftmanship. Born in Algiers in 1952, he studied first at the School of Engineering in Geneva and then at the School of Architecture in Marseille, before settling in Bandol (Var, France). Known for his expressive frankness, this concrete lover cannot imagine his profession without sincere citizen engagement. He is the architect of some of the most impressive construction projects in France, most notably the National Choreographic Centre, in Aix-en-Provence, and the MuCEM (Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean), in Marseille.

The artistic 1%

With the work of Emmanuel Regent

In order to meet France’s so-called “artistic 1%” requirement—by virtue of which a new public building must be decorated by an artist—, Emmanuel Régent was entrusted with using his artistic sensibility to create a work of art that features anonymous quotes from people who stayed in the camp. This work is distributed across six different locations of the Memorial

“It was important to respect the horizon line at the Rivesaltes site in this project. The building, intentionally designed horizontally by its architect, Rudy Ricciotti, evokes a sunken beam, a monolith that has fallen to the ground in an act of resistance, as if it were a scar. My goal is to place visitors in a context of the past in which they can question the present and their future, their own individual daily commitment.” 

- Emmanuel Régent

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